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There are very few knowledgeable Internet users today, who would "voluntarily" signup to receive marketing email except in a very limited sense, such as products from a particular company. So if there are any "legitimate" email marketing companies, I would guess that their recipients are primarily recent additions to the world of email.

Is there or is there not a  legitimate email marketing company out there? Any that truly has an "opt-in" list?  If you think about this for a while  the only companies that do this are the free email hosting companies: hotmail, yahoo, etc. You get an email account from them, and per their terms of service , you agree to get advertisements from them. This would not be called spam at all. Also, wouldn't you much rather get advertisements only from them, because they do offer an unsubscribe link, which they do honor and do not add you to another list.

Some say the only legitimate and legal email marketing are companies like yahoo, hotmail, other free email hosting companies; then why don't those companies sue the spammers who send spam to their users.  By doing this, they would lower traffic on their networks and also they get rid of competition.  Getting rid of competition in email marking should be enough incentive for them to take spammers to court.

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Last modified: November 21, 2007