Event Marketing
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If you are in the  process of preparing a marketing and business plan for a major
performance tour how do you promote this type of event marketing on your website.  Especially if there is no big names and a narrow market niche, How do you generate regional interest?   Once you have developed a strategy to overcome the name issue and you have a complete understanding of the target market start doing an internet search for examples of some successful event marketing organizations such as the circus model as an example of a good start.   If your audience is much narrower then  do search within search on your search engine (Regional/US States and go into cities/City name/City Guides) for each one of the cities on your tour. Contact those sites listed in that category as most will have local event listings and calendar of events pages. Also, you may be able to trade a couple of tickets with some of those sites  for your own page that can be registered with the search engines for each stop on the tour.

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Last modified: November 21, 2007