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Microsoft Dominance. Technical brilliance or Marketing Strategy?
Initially, it was timing and luck, but they soon realized that
lightning was unlikely to strike twice, so they implemented both a
long range market strategy to build share, as well as a series of
highly effective, marketing  tactics to deplete share and forestall

Microsoft's dominance has been the result of having the foresight to implement a comprehensive market strategy. Technical brilliance (which is a questionable attribute), and the various marketing approaches they have used to carry it out are
nothing more or less that the disposable components or tools they have
used to accomplish this.

But, like any magician's trick, what we see is the misdirection, what they want you to see, smoke and mirrors. That keeps everyone guessing while the beautiful assistant (if anyone could call Steve Ballmer beautiful) quietly slips out the trap door before the box is sawn in half.

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Last modified: November 21, 2007