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Many businesses are interested in internet marketing or promoting themselves via internet  in areas such as fine art, photo journalism, fashion etc .

Experience has shown in commercial/advertising that most art directors are only just beginning to get a grip on Email. Just to point out that Usenet isn't Internet or vice versa. A ( advanced) is a Usenet newsgroup, mainly distributed via the Internet. It isn't the Internet. Those attempting to promote themselves via USENET (i.e. newsgroups) are typically unwelcome. On the other hand, resources
such as WWW pages, accessible via the Internet, are perfectly appropriate
vehicles for promotion. There are many WWW pages which display the work
of amateur and professional photographers. To find them, use a Web
search engine (like Google) under "photography".

Many people get confused between Usenet and the Internet. They are not interchangeable terms! Those who confuse the two (and attempt promotion via either posting to Usenet newsgroups or soliciting via unwanted email) usually regret their errors in the end. The amount of negative email received as the result of such blunders can be astounding (system have been known to shut down due to the volume of complaints).

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Last modified: November 21, 2007