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Have you ever been into a discussion with some people and they argued that Internet marketing is "selling the Internet" while marketing for the Internet is extending marketing activities to the Internet.

The internet exists, anything you do marketing wise is for dollars in your pocket and to promote real business. Unless your a computer maker or web browser producer who has a direct interest in seeing more people connected to the internet?  However these people are more computer marketers and software marketers than anything else. Take the terms Real Estate Marketing, Medical marketing, etc, on and on.  Nobody, well not a lot, besides industry coalitions, is doing marketing solely for the purpose of promoting in the abstract "Real Estate" or "medicine".  It is best to hold your breath around people who want to argue semantics from a weaker position. They actually have them somewhat reversed. Internet marketing is what you do here (on the 'net). Marketing the Internet is what the semi legit businesses do to suck in fools, I mean "investors".  Part of Internet Marketing is to publicize that you are involved there. Unfortunately, the fast buck artists have corrupted a good term for what good web designers and ISP's do.


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Last modified: November 21, 2007