Strategic Market Planning
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Strategic Market Planning is the best way for a company to ensure they have done their homework in analyzing their marketing environment, have used facts to develop good strategies to respond to that environment, and is a  means of ensuring the plans are executed. 

A strategic marketing plan is the major element of a Business Plan because it articulates key issues and specific plans for implementation, control and evaluation. Typically, most strategic marketing plans utilize a standard template as follows:

bulletExecutive Summary
Capture the key points of your plan. Although the executive summary  appears first, it is written last.
bulletCurrent Marketing Situation
A highly descriptive phase, based on facts, that help you understand the environment for the business. Key competitors, major market characteristics and the current marketing strategy for the business should  be here.  Describe market trends and discuss consumer behaviour, particularly segments.
bulletSWOT Analysis
Strengths and weaknesses (internal) reflect issues unique to your company; strengths are areas you can build on while weaknesses should be avoided or overcome. Opportunities and threats describe  issues (external) which affect the industry as a whole.  They exist whether your firm is there or not. Avoid strategy recommendations at this stage. Do not confuse opportunities for the industry with possible strategies or tactics for your company.
bulletIssue Analysis
Shows which segments you believe most closely match your company's strengths and weaknesses. Prioritize the most important opportunities and threats. Briefly state the  opportunities/segments you did not pursue and why. 
Use  SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. They should relate to marketing issues and should be clearly linked to your issue analysis.
bulletMarketing Strategy
Your plan to achieve your objectives is detailed here. Identify which segments you are targeting and why. State your positioning strategy and very briefly include the 4Ps of marketing.
bulletAction Plans (Tactics)
Tactics  deal with the practical issues of implementing your strategies.  This is where you show that the plans is achievable.
bulletProjected Profit-and-Loss Statements
Proof that your strategy is sound.  This section you will typically have forecasted  sales, cost of goods and reasonable assumptions. 
bulletEvaluation Procedures (Controls)
This section looks at your objectives and strategy, and how you are going to measure whether you are achieving these objectives. 

If you follow this strategic market planning template you will be well on your way to increasing your company's chances for success.


Affiliate Marketing Plan    Internet Marketing Plan  Marketing Plan Software Small Business Marketing Plan Strategic Market Planning    Website Marketing Plan 


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Last modified: November 21, 2007