Brand Marketing Strategy
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The most common internal issues that impact a Brand Management Strategy

bulletWho is the brand manager?
bulletManagement thinks branding is an advertising program with a memorable tag line.
bulletBrand vision and company reality do not match.
bulletSales and marketing aren’t reading the same book, let alone the same page.
bulletBrand values are subservient to financial values.
bulletThe employee BS test.
bulletThe name change will cost me what?


The most effective brand marketing strategy  is incorporated into an overall Marketing Communications Plan that...

bulletDifferentiates yourself according to the brand position 
bulletIntegrate your product & service offering
bulletFocuses on customers and other stakeholder audiences

A brand management strategy is all about...

bulletBrand Architecture
bulletThe definition of Mental Real Estate for each brand, and the inter-relationships between those brands

bulletDoes your company need a brand?
bulletDoes your company need sub-brands?
bulletWhat is the territory of brand versus sub-brand?
bulletWhat should the ‘territory’ be?
bulletWhat should be the brand architecture?
bulletunderstanding customer trends & habits to anticipate & identify needs
bulletmanagement of the future
bulletmarket research
bulletcustomer database analysis
bulletcollaboration & customer focus
bulletintegration opportunities
bulletdevelopment of people, processes & resources (products, services, knowledge) to meet needs
bulletcreating value through integration across business & audience
bulletdifferentiating with broad integrated offers
bulletkey messages
bulletbrand development - ‘a collection of perceptions in the mind of the audience’
bulletintangibles associated with products & services
bulletrepresents a ‘personality’, ‘value’, ‘emotion’, ‘perception’
bulletsimplifies choice, reduces risk, offers a sense of community
bulletbuilds relationship, loyalty, premium price (I.e. Mercedes)

Creative Blueprint

bulletbrand touch points
bulletbrand profile 
bulletbrand personality
bulletbrand identity
bulletbrand promise
bulletbrand position
bulletbringing the brand to life
bulletmaking 'HOW' meaningful to your customers
bulletelements of 'HOW' your company does business
bulletcampaign architecture
bulletchart of objectives
bulletdiagram of people, processes and resources
bulletbrand filters
bulletcreative strategy
bulletdesign, fonts, colours, images
bullettone of copy
bulletuse of specific words/phrases
bulletcampaign elements
bulletpoint of sale
bulletdirect mail
bulletsales materials
bulletwebsite considerations
bulletstyle guidelines
bulletheadline and text font guidelines
bulletlogo guidelines
bulletcorporate colours
bulletmagazine advertisements
bulletbrochure covers
bulletPOS materials

When developing a brand marketing strategy make sure that the CEO is the head brand manager.  This will insure that brand vision and company reality are matched and will foster marketing and sales to be aligned. The best way to implement an effective brand marketing strategy  is through the development of an overall marketing communications plan.


Brand Development  Brand Loyalty  Brand Management    Brand Marketing  Brand Marketing Strategy  Brand Positioning    Building a Brand   Brand Strategy    Global Brand Management

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