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Advertising may be critical to the existence of your business. Hardly any business, particularly a retail operation, can stay alive without it. Companies that don't advertise may have their sales and profits swallowed up by other companies that do advertise regularly.

Selecting the type of advertising that fits your business needs and determining what is the most effective, economical way to give your customers the information they need isn't always easy. Should you use TV, radio, print or a combination to make best use of your advertising dollars?

The purpose of advertising is simple: to make potential buyers aware of products or services and to get them to take actionActions may be inquiring for more information, calling for an appointment, coming to your store or sending in an order by e-commerce. The outcome of these actions should eventually be a sale.

Advertising can deliver consistent messages reliably, quickly and efficiently. Unlike other marketing communication tactics, such as public relations, advertising allows you to control the message, the placement and the frequency.  Through advertising, you deliver messages about your products or services. 

Advertising can also:

bulletestablish and maintain an awareness and positive image of your company, products or services
bulletdevelop a need for products or services
bulletdevelop sales leads
bulletpersuade customers that your products or services are the best
bulletpromote events

Some unexpected results from advertising include attracting new salespeople or retailers and improving employee pride and morale.


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Last modified: November 21, 2007